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252 Affidavit for Tax Exemption
253 Affidavit for Tax Exemption
253 Affidavit I-A
255 Affidavit - Collateral Assignment of Leases & Rents
255 Affidavit for Tax Exemption
275 Affidavit Statement
Affidavit Disclaiming Ownership
Affidavit for Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure
Affidavit for Federal Estate Tax
Affidavit for New York Estate Tax
Affidavit for No Consideration
Affidavit for Residential Cooperative Unit
Affidavit in Lieu of Registration
Affidavit of Title
Affidavit of Trust Consent
Affidavit of Marital Status
Ancient Mortgage Affidavit
Carbon Monoxide Detector Affidavit
Combined Unit Affidavit
FIRPTA Affidavit Entity
FIRPTA Affidavit Individual
Full Force & Effect Affidavit (POA)
Heirship Affidavit
Judgement Affidavit
Short Sale Affidavit
Reverse Mortgage Affidavit
Trustee’s Affidavit
Owner in Possession Affidavit
Estate Tax Affidavit
Amendment to Contract
Assignment of Contract of Sale
Co-Op Contract 2001
Co-Op Rider
Commercial Contract of Sale
Condo Rider
Condominium Contract
Equity Theft Rider
Equity Theft Rider Cancellation
New Construction Rider
New Jersey Contract of Sale
Residential Contract
Residential Contract 2000
Residential Rider
Orange County Cover Sheets
Suffolk County Cover Sheets
Administrator's Deed
Bargain & Sale Deed with Covenants
Bargain & Sale Deed without Covenants
Correction Deed - Bargain & Sale
Correction Deed - Quitclaim
Executor's Deed
New Jersey Deed
Quitclaim Deed
Referee's Deed
Warranty Deed
ACRIS Request Form
Acknowledgement Form
Attorney Letter of Benefit and Undertaking
Bed Bugs Report
Boundary Line Agreement
Block and Lot Correction Request Form
Certificate of Conformity - Notary Public
Consent of Shareholders to Sell Form
Director's Resolution
EPA Lead Paint Booklet
FIRPTA Tax Return Form - 8288
FIRPTA Tax Return Form Instructions - 8288
FIRPTA Tax Return Form - 8288a
Lienor's Estoppel
LLC Resolution to Sell/Buy/Borrow
Memorandum of Contract
Mortgage Payoff Indemnity Agreement
Multiple Residential Registration Form
New York State Acknowledgement
North Haven C/O Application
Omni Closing Affidavit
West Hampton C/O Application
Omni Closer Bill
Omni Escrow Agreement
Payoff Transmittal Letter
Post Closing Possession Agreement
Power of Attorney (Effective 09/12/2010)
Power of Attorney Major Gift Rider
Pre-Closing Possession License Agreement
PREP Request Form
Promissory Note
Property Condition Disclosure Form
Property Condition Disclosure Statement
Rate and Charge Form
Referee Report of Sale
Satisfaction of Judgment
Subscribing Witness Acknowledgment
Time of Essence Letter
TOEPP Benefits
Uniform Commercial Code Financing Amendment (UCC3)
Uniform Commercial Code Filing Statement Co-Op
Uniform Commercial Code Filing Statement Instructions
Uniform Commercial Code Filing Statement
1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges
1099 and Exemption Affidavit
Termination of Assignment of Leases and Rents
1099-S Real Estate Transaction Form
Assignment of Mortgage with Covenant
Assignment Without Covenant
Attorney Guarantee Letter
Attorney Opinion Letter
Building Loan Contract
Building Loan Mortgage
Collaterral Assignments of Leases & Rents
Consolidation and Extension Agreement
First Mortgage
Mortgage Note
Partial Release of Mortgaged Premises
Request for Mortgage Payoff
Satisfaction of Mortgage
Splitter Agreement
Spreader Agreement
Subordinate Mortgage
Subordination Agreement
Purchaser's Retainer
Seller's Retainer
Affidavit in Lieu of Registration
IRS Form 8288a
IRS Form 8288b
IT 2663 2018 Form
IT 2663 2018 Instructions
IT 2664 2018 Form
IT 2664 2018 Instructions
RP 5217 (Must Print 8.5" x 14")
Smoke Detector Affidavit
TP-584.1 - Instructions
Transfer Tax - Columbia County
Transfer tax - Mount Vernon
Transfer Tax - Peconic Bay
Transfer Tax - Peekskill
Transfer Tax - Red Hook
Transfer Tax - Warwick
Transfer Tax - Yonkers
IT 2663 2011 Form
IT 2663 2012 Form
IT 2663 2012 Instructions
IT 2663 2013 Form
IT 2663 2013 Instructions
IT 2664 2013 Form
IT 2663 2014 Form
IT 2663 2014 Instructions
IT 2664 2014 Form
IT 2664 2014 Instructions
IT 2663 2015 Form
IT 2663 2015 Instructions
IT 2664 2015 Form
IT 2664 2015 Instructions
IT 2663 2016 Form
IT 2663 2016 Instructions
IT 2664 2016 Form
It 2664 2016 Instructions
IT 2663 2017 Form
IT 2663 2017 Instructions
IT 2664 2017 Form
IT 2664 2017 Instructions
Durable Power of Attorney - Old Form
Power of Attorney - Effective 09-2009
Power of Attorney - Old Form
RP5217 NYC

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